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Inspiring Courage & Confidence

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."

~ Maya Angelou



ICF Certified Career, Leadership & Transition Coach

Consultant & Speaker 

Certified Myers-Briggs & DISC Practitioner

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

Jenna Cooley

Ready to Love What You Do and Yourself While You're Doing It?

It's time for a confidence boost!

The reality is, most of us struggle with this stuff from time to time:

  • Feeling as brave as we appear to be

  • Finding the balance between "nice" and "strong"

  • Setting clear expectations for ourselves and our teams

  • Initiating difficult conversations

  • Giving constructive feedback

  • Being strategic with our careers or lives

  • Enjoying life while working hard

The great news is that you've got what it takes

If you're like most of us,  you just need someone to help you

get out of your own way

every so often.


That's where I come in.

Years of partnering with successful women in myriad industries

have led me to a


for helping women to be the powerful, compassionate leaders

 they aspire to be

while enjoying family, friendships, good health and life.

If you're ready to joyfully LEAD your life and career,

I'm here for you!


If you find yourself dreading Mondays, you’re probably not working in alignment with your purpose, strengths and values

in this season of your life.

Let’s explore your WHY and determine either how to learn to love the job you’re in or find

a new path that is better suited

to who you are today.


It’s never too late!


I haven't met a leader yet, seasoned or new, that doesn't hear some version of the  "You're not good enough!" voice from time to time. The self-doubt struggle is normal, but not necessary.


Let’s work together to help you regain confidence in yourself and your abilities so that you can be the inspiring, successful and trusted leader you’re meant to be!


How’s your workplace environment? If I walked in today, would I feel welcomed and inspired by the teamwork, communication and innovation?


Does your staff feel energized

or drained? 


If it's not the culture you want it to be for your team or your customers, let's partner

to change it!

group of business people

Book a Complimentary 30 Minute Call!

It's important to find the right coach

I'm happy provide a quick call to explore the fit.



"I started working with Jenna over a year ago in order to help with some challenges I was facing in my private orthodontic practice. You certainly do not learn leadership and management in dental school. With Jenna's coaching and help, my office manager and I have been improving the culture of my office through workshops and one-on-one coaching. Jenna has also worked with me personally to improve mindset and find balance. I could not have worked through some very difficult situations without her. As a solo practitioner, I also love having someone in my corner to bounce ideas and process issues. Everyone should have a life leadership coach and Jenna is wonderful! I cannot recommend her enough."

~ Dr. Diana Almy, D.D.S., M.S.

   Fredericksburg Orthodontics



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