Jenna Cooley

My purpose is to INSPIRE. 

I have a passion for helping people be the best version of themselves and enjoy doing what they do every day. Through a one-on-one coaching journey, group coaching or in workshops, my audiences discover how to challenge their mindset so that they can reframe problems into opportunities and be at the cause of their lives and careers rather than at the effect. Through an insightful and empowering coaching process, my clients regain purpose, fulfillment, and peace of mind.


I am an International Coaching Federation Certified Professional Coach and graduate of the Institute for Professional Coaching (iPEC). I also am a graduate of VCU with a Master’s degree in Counselor Education. After a career serving in roles in business, government, education, non-profits and healthcare, I founded Cooley Coaching & Consulting in 2011. I specialize in the highly effective Core Energy Coaching™ and Energy Leadership™ approaches as well as the Myers-Briggs and DiSC assessments.


As a resident of Fredericksburg, Virginia, I work with leaders from Washington D.C. to Richmond and across the country by phone. I reside with my husband, Steve, in the home where we raised our four young adult children, Teren, Ty, Nick and Katie.

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Fredericksburg, VA