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Cindi Graser 

Real Estate Professional

​"Jenna is an inspiration. I have been blessed to use her private coaching twice, and also attend one of her amazing workshops. I have learned and laughed all the way through. She was able to make me see the beautiful light in the midst of tough transitions in life. She is wonderful at asking the right questions that make me think and hope in every situation. We are not done and I am grateful for that!"


Aaron McClung

Connector of people, money and ideas for the greater good

Jenna Cooley is someone I would recommend if you are looking to take your personal and professional development to the next level. She is an excellent listener and thoughtful questioner who is always thinking about her clients. Working with Jenna will raise your awareness, elevate your sights, but only if you want to change. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and change will happen though her proven approach. Her coaching helped me transform how I work and by doing so created a snowball of positive change within an office culture. My team and I operate at a higher and more effective level thanks to Jenna.


I first met Jenna when she was leading a Corporate training event. I admired her professional, yet easy going style and knew I wanted more of her business insight. After working with Jenna as my coach, I was able to identify some of my limiting beliefs which were holding me back professionally. Together we worked through those and brought my career to the next level. This only took a few months! Hiring Jenna is a smart investment in yourself and your future.


Jenna helps you position your professional endeavors in line with your core values and vision. When it appears you are slipping or incorrectly focused she nudges you back with care and sage guidance. Jenna is a master at allowing you to find your own path but remain true to your passion. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone in the corporate or entrepreneurial spheres who is looking counsel. She is full of energy, ideas, and passion to help clients succeed.


I have had the privilege of participating in a couple of Jenna Cooley’s Stand Tall Have It All professional workshops. Her advice and words of encouragement are spot-on in discovering what makes us, as individuals, successful both personally and professionally. What truly sets Jenna apart from other presenters is that she’s not just delivering a rehearsed speech. She listens. I cannot stress the listening piece enough. You can tell from Jenna’s responses, but most importantly from her eyes, that she is genuinely interested in your needs.

Jenna’s thoughtful and compassionate demeanor, combined with her specialized training and experience, makes her an ideal choice to empower others to reach their very best. If given the opportunity, I highly recommend others to hear Jenna’s methods on how easy it is to Stand Tall and Have It All.


Jenna Cooley led a workshop that I attended with several colleagues, all of us professional working mothers. While I have in the past been a bit reticent about attending workshops, I found that Jenna’s approach as a trainer was fun and a great learning experience.  The thought of “having it all” has always been a bit scary for me, since I often feel stretched too thin, and what I liked about Jenna’s approach is that you can focus on achieving the “balance” that is right for you and your family.  She helps put the spotlight on what values are important to the individual she is coaching, and while I thought I was fairly clear in my values, her methods still led me to a few surprising revelations about myself.  I highly recommend Jenna as a trainer for any individual or organization that is seeking to better their lives, professionally and personally.


David Sheatsley


David Sheatsley & Partners

There is a great deal to learn about interacting with people in the work environment, including one's self. There are those who you connect with automatically and others who seem to be from a different planet. Interacting with a wide range of people with different management and work styles is not easy. Fortunately, I connected with Jenna Cooley. The Energy Leadership readings and homework helped me gain perspective on who I am and why I sometimes have difficulties dealing with supervisors who seem to have different agenda and management styles. The readings were very helpful, but it was the one-on-one weekly calls with Jenna that raised my energy level and kept me motivated. She is highly insightful, with many of the insights coming from her own life, and was of tremendous help in getting me to look down from above rather than looking up from the bottom. I highly recommend Jenna for anyone who attempting to get a handle on the workplace and how one fits in. She receives an eBay or Amazon 5-star rating on all seven attributes!


Jenna makes the tough stuff easier.  She has helped me to define my version of “having it all” in a way that gives me joy. I have learned that my version comes through simplicity and peace. Jenna provides a safe space to open up and she does that with the perfect combination of intense/intuitive listening mixed with laughter and fun.  Jenna is like an anchor in a storm!


I came to Jenna after a heartbreak that felt sneakily familiar – and in fact, it was. I’d been reliving the heartbreak of my dad dying for almost 20 years. In addition, I’d cultivated up a nasty little inner voice that was derailing my relationships, career, and enjoyment of life.


Jenna met me where I was (metaphorically speaking; physically speaking, we were separated by four states) and listened with compassion, absolutely zero judgment, and an almost magical way to get me to see the truth about my own life and ways to move forward in peace and joy.

With her help, I’ve gained:

  • specific, concrete, and effective ways to deal with anxiety

  • compassion for myself, which I can already feel is the root of compassion towards others


  • a fun way to get those nasty inner voices to help me instead of talking me down


  • perspective (as in, does it *really* mean anything that this man chose not to be with me? really?)


  • an ability to quickly and without judgment identify what is causing my reactions and deal with them appropriately


  • a five-year plan!

I’ve shed so many assumptions about myself that were no longer true, and have gone from a girl on the verge of a nervous breakdown back to my true confident, independent, caring, loving, silly, and joyful self. Thanks to Jenna, I’m so solidly on the path to living fully every day!

Linda, MSOD

Organizational Development

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I had the privilege of having Jenna as my coach for three months.  During that time, she helped me move forward on several personal and professional areas that I had been struggling with for quite some time.  I attribute this to Jenna’s warm personality, professionalism and intuitive listening skills that are essential competencies of an expert coach.  If you are considering coaching to support your personal or professional progress, I highly recommend selecting Jenna.

Patricia Haizlip

Chantilly, Virginia

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Jenna is an exceptional person and a phenomenal coach! Her level of integrity shines at all times.  The client’s agenda is always her main focus,  through her experience, coaching skills, and compassion she helps her clients go deeper to find their own answers and their own truths.

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Michael D.

Business Owner

Jenna totally changed and saved my life! My three months with Jenna totally changed the way I handled things personally and professionally.  Before Jenna, I was a victim. Before Jenna, I was angry. The things that made me angry and feel like a victim would overwhelm me to the point that I would shut down. Jenna showed and helped me work through the things that were holding me back. Of course there had to be a change in perspective from me. Jenna is good, but just meeting with her is not like eating a magic bean! You have to be willing to change your perspective on the world and how things move/work around you. You also have to be willing to honestly look at how you perceive things and change your views on what's holding you back. If you can do these things, Jenna can change the energy you bring to your everyday life. My energy changed so much, that people who only saw me 2-3 times a year or people who saw me everyday could see a change in my moods and personality!

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