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Career Coaching

Individual Coaching

image of instructor guiding a client
One-on-one coaching is done in person locally, via Zoom and by phone. 
It's a powerful alliance in which we discover goals, share knowledge and insight, tap into the client's internal wisdom, move blocks out of the way, and experience the
benefits of this dynamic, holistic process.
I help women who:
...are experiencing challenges associated with big changes and/or losses
in life such as:
  • relocating
  • retiring
  • starting a "later in life" business
  • empty nesting
  • grandparenting
  • "sandwiching" (caring for parents and kids/grandkids)
  • caregiving for a parent/spouse or other loved one
  • widowhood
  • divorce
  • seeking new relationships/friendships
  • cumulative grief (having said "goodbye" to multiple loved ones)
These women typically want:
  • a better understanding of their own grief and loss
  • to be confident about their healing journeys
  • greater contentment
  • clearer sense of purpose
  • greater calm
  • to feel courageous
  • to be clear on their path forward
  • to feel connected
  • to be engaged
  • to maximize their health and wellness
  • more moments of joy 
​Through a combination of established curriculum and customization of the coaching program for each client, we typically reach the client's goals within 3-6 months of weekly or bi-monthly sessions. 
Feel free to reach out to Jenna for a complimentary discovery session to experience her coaching and determine if it's the best fit.
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