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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

I am passionate about helping people find a career that does more than pay the bills. I can help you to find a career that you LOVE. Together, in this powerful coaching partnership,

I will help you to:

  • Discover Your Purpose and Work It!

  • Truly understand their “Big 4″ and their impact on career satisfaction:  Personality, Strengths, Values and Interests


  • Develop a personal mission statement and a personal brand

  • Create a superb resume


  • Tap into the HIDDEN JOB MARKET


  • Refine your LinkedIn Profile


  • Master the ONLINE job search


  • Interview beautifully


  • Capitalize on social media



And, I take a holistic approach.  While I'm coaching you around career, you will also examine your “Wheel of Life”, determining where you are satisfied and where there is room for greater fulfillment.  Your entire life will be improved as a result of the increased energy you have and put out to the world! Based on my success with my past clients, there’s a great chance that after working with me you will experience these added benefits:


  • Have greater clarity and confidence about WHO you are and WHAT you want


  • Feel confident as a leaders of your career AND your life


  • Improve your marriage or partnership and/or attract new healthy relationships


  • Have more physical and mental energy


  • Relax and sleep better


  • Improve your eating and fitness


  • Master time management and productivity strategies


  • Become more engaged in everything you do


  • Improve your communication styles


  • Stand out as a leader





I am selective about who I partner with. I work with individuals who are ready to invest time and money into themselves, engage in true self-discovery to grow and develop, and put their new strategies into action in order to achieve the goals they desire.  

If you think you’re ready to enjoy the powerful process of coaching…



Contact Me to Find Your

Dream Career!

Schedule a Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation!

Jenna Cooley


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