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Jenna's Story


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As a woman who has juggled career and family, I understand what it’s like to experience overwhelm and self-doubt. After my first marriage ended suddenly, I was hit with the reality of being a single mom of a two-year-old boy and a baby girl. Having been a child of divorce myself, the very thing I had hoped would never happen to me did. Through tears and grief, I saw the light and made a decision to pick up the pieces and turn them into something beautiful.

With the help of my loving mom, who has unfortunately since passed away, I was able to raise my kids by day while going to graduate school at night. I became a counselor in Virginia serving in different capacities such as career counseling, grief counseling and school counseling. I absolutely loved helping others to find the “blessings wrapped in adversity” the way I had.


One of my greatest blessings was meeting my current husband, blending our two families, and embarking on a “wild ride” as a mom of a beautifully complex, and sometimes very challenging, family. In the midst of this journey, I went back into training to become a Coach. Although I was passionate about counseling, I found something thrilling about the quick and effective empowerment that coaching provides individuals and groups. I haven’t looked back as I LOVE what I do as a business owner, coach, and trainer.


Coaching in not only my profession, but it is also my way of life. Learning to choose my response to situations and becoming more adept at seeing “problems” as opportunities has not only allowed me to help others after times of great struggle or loss, or in the midst of a major life transition, but it has enabled me to face my own challenges with more strength and confidence. And, believe me, I’ve had what sometimes feels like more than my share of hardships. Since my remarriage in 2001, life has been anything but a fairy tale. We’ve shared experiences with chronic illness, injured kids, sick parents,  dying parents, job loss, and so much more.


Yet, a result of my mindset, strategies and faith, I found my WHY. 

It’s my hope that, no matter what your particular challenge is or has been, my coaching and training can help you or your organization to do the same.

I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you.


In the meantime, I wish you confidence, peace and satisfaction in all areas of your life.



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