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Jenna's Story


jenna and her family
jenna's grandchild

Three Grandchildren, Four Kids, 2 Daughters-in-Law, 4 Grandcats, 2 Granddogs,


My Loving Husband Are My WHY!

Coaching in not only my profession, but it is also my way of life. Learning to choose my response to situations and becoming more adept at seeing “problems” as opportunities has not only allowed me to help others after times of great struggle or loss, or in the midst of a major life transition, but it has enabled me to face my own challenges with more strength and confidence. And, believe me, I’ve had what sometimes feels like more than my share of hardships. Since my remarriage in 2001, after a tough divorce when my two biological children were under 3, life has been anything but a fairy tale. While blending four children into a new family and home, we’ve shared experiences with chronic illness, injured kids, sick parents, dying parents, job loss, and so much more. 


My coaching mindset, proven strategies, and faith, along with a tribe of wonderful people, have helped me through these challenges and prepared me to inspire courage and confidence in the women and men I serve as a coach and facilitator. I absolutely love helping people who are experiencing their own losses and transitions, and I have quite the treasure chest of knowledge, tools, and seasoned intuition to help them do it. Plus, we laugh and find the irony in life while we do the work!


I hope to be coaching when I'm 99! It's a gift to do what I love and love what I do. I look forward to connecting with you! 




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