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Women’s Group Coaching Program

Sharing Wisdom, Inspiration & Trust

Registration is currently closed for the in-person Elevate group that meets bi-monthly in Southport.

If you are interested in joining a group experience, please contact Jenna.

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A private in-person coaching group for women to enjoy the rewards of masterful coaching, customized content, compassionate support, accountability, and encouragement from Jenna and a small group of like-minded women seeking continued growth, fulfillment, wellness, and maximized joy later in life. 

If you are:

  • A woman over 50 

  • Semi-retired, retired, or a business owner 

  • Experiencing significant change 

  • Recovering from loss

  • Searching for fulfillment 

  • Desiring deep connections 

  • Valuing and protecting your time

  • Prioritizing health and wellness 

  • Working on acceptance and/or forgiveness

  • Continuing to grow and learn

If you want:

  • A greater sense of purpose 

  • Clarity in your identity

  • Deeper friendships 

  • A safe space for sharing 

  • Healthy family relationships 

  • A positive mindset

  • Wellness and vitality 

  • New interests and endeavors 

  • Greater courage, strength, and/or calm 

This program will help you:

Dig deep, soul search, share, and connect with others to:

  • Feel genuine pride in yourself 

  • Practice self-compassion and grace

  • Experience acceptance and peace

  • Clarify your new identity

  • Rediscover your purpose and passion

  • Define and design new goals and dreams

  • Understand what truly motivates you 

  • Overcome mindset barriers

  • Tame your inner critic

  • Use your voice 

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Embrace the wisdom and beauty of aging 

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Here's How it Works

This group will meet for six 2-hour sessions over the course of three months in a private setting.

We will have a confidential, safe space for:










As a highly experienced facilitator of group coaching programs, Jenna will guide the group members through content and exercises that promote significant introspection and reflection. The participants will delve into deeper levels of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and subsequent actions to gain an understanding of what is working well for them and what would benefit from change.

The participants will set their own goals for their lives as the Coach and group support them, challenge them, and champion them through the process.

Once again, confidentiality and trust will be prioritized while fun and laughter

will be encouraged. This is ideal for women who desire working with a professional coach, but who

enjoy the collective wisdom and support of a group and the reduced price point. Interested

group members will meet with Jenna in advance to determine fit and suitability

for this group coaching experience.

Program Components:

  • Six 2-hour group sessions over three months

  • Customized personal development resources

  • Summary and action plan emails sent following each session

  • Email support with Jenna

  • Group text support


Group sessions: Tuesdays from 1:00-3:00 pm | Currently full and not available to new members.

**Private Coaching Session with Jenna: Scheduled prior to group start date

Fee: $570 for 3-month program 

Payment Options: Full payment at time of registration = 10% discount for total of $513 OR three monthly payments of $190 for total of $570

Scholarships are available for a select number of participants based on need and goals.


Private location in Southport.

Number of Participants:

The group will be capped at 6 participants. We will need a minimum of 3 participants to begin the in-person program. (This program will also be launched virtually this spring.)

Refer a Friend gift: If you refer a friend, and she successfully registers for the program, you will receive a $75 referral gift.  (This will be processed by Jenna-not by the website)

**A coaching agreement (including confidentiality statement) will be signed by both Jenna Cooley and the participant. Satisfaction is guaranteed in the agreement. If the participant chooses to withdraw, a refund

will be granted.

If you'd like more information about future group opportunities, please

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