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Q: There are a lot of professional coaches out there. What makes you unique?

A: First of all, I’ve been trained by, and have worked with the best of the best, in the coaching world.  My coaching institute, iPEC, is top notch. And, I’ve worked very hard to earn the distinguished PCC credentialing from the International Coaching Federation.  I have spent hundreds of hours coaching, training and facilitating.

Equally important is that my clients tell me that they appreciate my ability and desire to empower the “whole person”.  While they may initially hire me for career or leadership coaching, they walk away with greater confidence and satisfaction in all areas of their lives. By using the Core Energy Coaching     approach, I help my clients get to the core of their thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and habits and then develop strategies to overcome the barriers that they may even be putting in their own way.  I live for those a-ha moments and my clients know I get a kick out of them! We laugh and have fun along the way!

Q: There are also many trainers and consultants offering leadership workshops of different kinds. Why you?

A: My trainings and workshops are based on Energy Leadership     which is the work of Bruce D. Schneider, the founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and the author of Energy Leadership. I bring these amazing concepts, to included the Seven Levels of Energy/Leadership, into my workshops, which presents the information in a whole new way. This approach enables individuals in corporate, business, government, education, healthcare, etc., to view themselves differently. A whole new awareness, or consciousness, about leadership is created leading to positive and sustainable results. My audiences’ feedback suggests that my interactive, hands-on, energetic approach makes the learning relevant, meaningful and fun!

Q: Who is your Ideal Client?


A: I am most passionate about helping women, at all stages of life, confidently move through transitions. They may have increased their level of responsibility at work, or they are making major life changes like a big career or geographical move or retirement. I LOVE helping women who see themselves as "people pleasers" lean into their strength and courage while appreciating their niceness and compassion.


I'm often asked, "Do you coach men, too?" Yes, I will coach men on a special referral when I feel we're a good fit for a coaching partnership. I enjoy coaching men. However, my mission to inspire courage and confidence in women brings me the greatest fulfillment. 

Q: What is your role as a Coach?

A: My passion is to empower individuals by helping them understand themselves fully first and learn the strategies that help them succeed second. I help my clients shine a light on their WHO, or their values, purpose and passion, and use this clarity to propel them forward. I do this by using cutting-edge Core Energy Coaching     strategies which help individuals overcome the barriers that they often put in their own way. As a coach, I help my clients find the solutions that lie within, but I also advise on the areas of my expertise as my clients desire. I am an accountability partner and a cheerleader as well. I’m a very strong, intuitive listener. Much to some people’s surprise, phone coaching is a very powerful methodology. I conduct weekly 50-minute phone calls with my clients. Between calls, I often unlimited email support, resources, and “growth work”.


Q: How does your counseling background impact your role as a coach?

A: I believe that having a graduate degree in counseling and years of experience working as a counselor in different settings only makes me a stronger coach. Although counseling and coaching are different, I certainly tap into my skills as a counselor when I work with my clients, however I am careful to remain true to the coaching model. I also have a strong awareness of when a client may benefit from therapy instead of, or in addition to, coaching and will make referrals as necessary.


Q: Is coaching expensive? What are your fees?

A: Coaching may be considered expensive by some, but its value is immeasurable. Research shows that most individuals experience a 600% return on their investment. I prefer to discuss my fees with my prospective clients rather than posting them on the website. I do this because, although I have standard fees, I am passionate about making coaching available to individuals who desire it. I will work with clients to customize programs and services that meet their needs. Sometimes, this means creating small groups that can experience coaching together.

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