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"Jenna Cooley leaves her audiences feeling refreshed, enlightened and invigorated!"

Bring Your Team a Workshop They Won’t Forget!

Too often, employees experience an inspiring and informative workshop only to

return to their desks and forget everything they learned. I’d bet most of us

have found handouts, we once had the intention of using, collecting dust on our desks

before we just throw them away.


This doesn’t have to happen!


I carefully design and customize workshops to the needs of the leader and organization so that they are not only dynamic and engaging, but so that they are applicable and relevant. 


I want people to use what they learned and reap the rewards!

The following list of workshops can be customized to your goals. And, if there isn’t something here that directly hits your points, I’ll consult with you to customize a plan

that is ideal for your organization!

I Bring Inspiration and Motivation to Audiences in a Variety of Settings


Senior Care

Small Business


Non-Profit Organizations



My Most Popular Workshops

Define, Design and Deliver Success as Energetic Leaders
(This program may be done with all six sessions in this sequence, in an alternate sequence,  or as separate workshops. It is customized for leaders in corporate, small business, government, healthcare, education and non-profit organizations.)

Part One: An Introduction to The 7 Levels of Leadership


Participants will develop an understanding of Energy Leadership    and its seven levels, strategies to increase the energetic levels and effectiveness of individual leaders, and approaches to boost the engagement and productivity of teams and organizations.




Part One: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership of Yourself and Others

Participants will develop an understanding of emotional intelligence and refine strategies to build greater self-awareness, improved self-management of emotions, and clarity on the impact of their emotions on those they lead.

Part Two: Coaching as  a Leadership and Development Skill

Participants will refine dynamic communication skills and learn key coaching conversation skills enabling them to effectively influence and develop the individuals they lead and the organizational culture as a whole.


Part Three: Removing Barriers to Success 

Participants will develop an understanding of the difference between outer and inner blocks, an awareness of the barriers that individuals tend to put in their own way, and strategies to overcome these barriers, resulting in more effective leadership and sustainable outcomes.


Part Four: Confidently Coaching Through Difficult Conversations


Participants will understand the nature of “difficult conversations” and develop strategies and confidence in order to reframe them into “powerful conversations” that result in the growth and development of the parties involved and a positive impact on the organizational culture.


Part Five: Leadership Strengths and Gaps


Participants will identify their leadership strengths and opportunities for growth, increase confidence in giving and receiving feedback, and develop concrete plans to accomplish specific goals related to their intentions to develop as a leader of their professional and personal lives.


Part Six: Energetically Managing Change


Participants will develop an understanding of the 4-step cycle of change, an awareness of their current responses to change, and strategies to positively manage and impact change in the organization.


































 The suggested minimum time for each workshop above is 3 hours,

but seminars may be customized to meet the scheduling

needs and objectives of the organization.

All of the workshops incorporate team-building and

strength-based interactive experiences.

Additional topics for the Corporate or Government Settings 

The Language We Think, Speak, Hear and See: Dynamic Communication and Energetic Leadership

Participants will develop an understanding of the communication they have with themselves through thought processes and its impact on feelings/emotions and behaviors and actions. They will also refine dynamic communication strategies, practice the three levels of listening, and increase awareness of body language and its interpretation.

Designing a Culture of Productivity, Profit and Positivity as Leaders of Yourselves and Others

Additional topics customized for Education and Healthcare Leaders include: 


  • “Servant Leadership”: The Heart of a Positive, Productive and Professional Workplace


  • Keep it Up!: Maintaining the Love of Helping Others That Brought You There in the First Place

The above workshops may be completed with or without inclusion of

the Energy Leadership concept.

(See or the book entitled 

Energy Leadership by Bruce D. Schneider for more information.)

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My Recent Clients 



River Road Animal Hospital

Virginia IPMA-HR

Chesterfield County

Chesterfield Health District

University of Mary Washington

Library of Virginia

Prince William Public Library System 

Capital One

Domino’s Pizza

Spotsylvania County Government

Fredericksburg City Public Schools

United States Marine Corps-Quantico, VA

Rappahannock United Way

ReMax Bravo Realty

Salon 730

Hair Mosaics

Germanna Community College

Chamber Network of Enterprising Women (CNEW)

Fredericksburg SHRM

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

local caregiving agencies

and more…




“I have had the privilege of participating in a couple of Jenna Cooley’s  professional workshops. Her advice and words of encouragement are spot-on in discovering what makes us, as individuals, successful both personally and professionally. What truly sets Jenna apart from other presenters is that she’s not just delivering a rehearsed speech. She listens. I cannot stress the listening piece enough. You can tell from Jenna’s responses, but most importantly from her eyes, that she is genuinely interested in your needs. 


Jenna’s thoughtful and compassionate demeanor, combined with her specialized training and experience, makes her an ideal choice to empower others to reach their very best. If given the opportunity, I highly recommend others to hear Jenna’s methods on how easy it is to Stand Tall and Have It All.”


Patricia Wolfrey,

Mary Washington Healthcare

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Themselves and Others Every Day!

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Jenna Cooley

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